Your Trichologists


Paula Karll is the CEO of Shear Designs II and Hair Restoration. She is a certified Trichologist & certified from The American Medical Certification Association (AMCA), a licensed cosmetologist, and the owner of Shear Designs II hair salon. While working as a cosmetologist for over 21 years, Paula noticed the silent epidemic called “Hair Loss” emerging.
She expanded her practice giving women and men a chance to regain their self-confidence. She continues to seek information through continuous education and training.

My role as the CEO and Owner of this multi-cultural business is to ensure that the mission and goals are effectively accomplished by implementing and overseeing new hair restoration programs that assist clients who are experiencing hair loss.
Currently, there are three dedicated and professionally trained hair loss specialist on my team who supports this business in all aspects. Their constructive criticisms, advise, and ideas have helped our business grow over the past five years. Our ability to work together to resolve issues and develop new ideas have been instrumental to the success of our business.

Debria is a certified hair loss specialist & a licensed cosmetologist for over 30 years.
Learning is essential to development as a professional and as well as a human. Through my professional journey, I have been a cosmetology instructor, a continuing education sponsor just to name a few. Expanding my skills and awareness really keeps me motivated and inspired.


My role as an educator requires me to educate clients about how to achieve and maintain healthy hair. I partner with clients to identify the best solutions for their unique situations. My services are comprehensive and typically include selecting, obtaining, and applying appropriate products and supplements. I always make sure that my clients have the information they need to care for their hair between salon appointments. My future goals are to continue servicing my existing clients while welcoming new clients who are experiencing hair loss. Having a good relationship with their hair requires giving it some attention beyond salon visits.


Angelina is a certified hair loss practitioner & a licensed cosmetologist for 39 years. As a licensed educator, I teach and educate students as well as other licensed cosmetologists. I have earned a B.S. in Cosmetology from Dudley University in Greensboro, North Carolina. This additional education provided me with a more in-depth study of the scientific approach to hair and greatly expands upon the training as a cosmetologist.


I conduct a hair and scalp analysis for clients so that I can customize their hair care and educate them about what it takes to keep their hair and scalp healthy. I make sure they know that healthy hair is the foundation for creating a beautiful style. I value my relationships with clients. I strive to give them the “Royal treatment” by creating an illuminating experience that makes them feel happy, special, and satisfied. I do my best to help bring out both their inner and outer beauty.