XTC Natural Hair Boost System™ pro-actively treats thinning hair, slows the progression of aging hair, and strengthens hair damaged by excessive heat, harsh chemicals, tight braids, weaves and extension.

XGT- Used as an all-natural replacement for Minoxidil for those people who do not want to use a Minoxidil, or who medically cannot use Minoxidil.

Designed to provide the hair with protein building nutrients and B vitamin, which penetrate directly into the hair follicle to help with hair growth and strengthening of the hair shaft.

Has proven vasodilator (Niacin) which improves blood flow assisting the vitamins in revitalizing the conditioner the hair and scalp.

Relieves scalp dryness and encourages  stronger, thicker, healthy hair.

Xtreme Natural Hair Boost System (4 Products) 3 Mo. Supply