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About SD II Hair Restoration

SD II Hair Restoration specializes in addressing the hair loss of individuals due to poor hair management, lack of resources, nutrition, disease and/or medication. SD II Hair Restoration offers hair products that have been proven to halt hair loss and boost hair growth while using the latest technology available. We offer quality non-surgical hair restoration. Clients will receive an individualized scalp scope analysis, and individualized assessment that will determine the specific treatment and products needed to address hair loss and promote healthy hair growth. Products utilized include but not limited to: DHT Inhibitor TM, Scalp Prep, Bio Cure Shampoo, and Xtreme Growth Therapy. Regular state of the art technology laser treatments will be utilized to maximize hair growth and restore hair loss treatment process.

The low-dose laser treatments are designed to invigorate circulation and stimulation that encourage hair follicles to grow hair. All treatments are performed in a private room in the salon to ensure that the client is comfortable during the specialized treatment.

SD II Hair Restoration will provide professional hair loss services in a safe environment. Safety measures outlined by the CDC will be strictly followed to ensure that clients and stylist are safe. All supplies, chairs and service areas are disinfected after each client. Clients will wait in their cars and the stylist will call them to be escorted to their private area after it has been thoroughly disinfected and ready to receive them. No magazines will be available for clients’ use and there will be a limited exchange of cash. After the initial consultation, an individualized plan designed. All clients will be regarded with respect and provided confidentiality while their hair loss concerns are being addressed and treated.
Alopecia is the number one cause of hair loss, 70% in men and 40% in women. There are many other reasons for hair loss.

Common Causes of Hair loss

*Hormonal Imbalance

If you are experiencing hair loss, thinning, or scalp issues, we have a plan for you.
We take the 1, 2, 3 Multi Therapeutic Approach to maximize hair growth potential.

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